Teresa used her experience as a cosmetologist to open her own beauty supply business in Anaheim. Two small business loans from Opportunity Fund are helping her expand her inventory and meet her business goals.

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Teresa used her experience as a cosmetologist to open her own beauty supply business in Anaheim. Two small business loans from Opportunity Fund are helping her expand her inventory and meet her business goals.

All the Right Pieces for Success

Teresa started Tere’s Nail & Beauty Supply in the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace in 2010. She used her expertise as a licensed cosmetologist to break out on her own and start a business.

“About 80 percent of my clients are Hispanic,” Teresa said. “From my time working in the beauty industry, I know women are always looking for the latest beauty products. I saw the opportunity in the industry and the location in Anaheim, so I went for it.”

Teresa’s shop at the gigantic Anaheim Marketplace may be small, but it’s packed with a wide selection of beauty supply needs: acrylic nails, makeup, hair extensions and wigs, and more. Teresa’s work goes beyond just selling what a client needs to look good. She also specializes in beauty technique instruction.

“As a cosmetologist, I can educate to my clients how to apply nail products in a professional way,” she said. “I show my clients how do their own beauty treatments so they can save money.”

Teresa did everything right as a small business owner, from capitalizing on her talents to finding the perfect location. Still, she had trouble finding the right business lending solution to help her grow her business.

The Right Business Funding Connection

Teresa needed a small business loan to purchase more inventory. “I wanted to expand the variety of what I sell,” she said. “I saw how that could boost my sales.”

Tere's Nail Supply

Our small business loans helped Teresa keep the latest products in stock and boost her sales (photo courtesy of Michael Microulis)

In her search for small business loans, Teresa found nothing but high interest rates and lackluster customer service. When she met Opportunity Fund loan consultant Osbaldo Velazquez at an access to capital seminar in Orange County, she saw the opportunity she’d been waiting for.

Osbaldo was able to approve a $5,000 loan in September 2016 for Tere’s Nail & Beauty Supply. The working capital helped Teresa grow her business right away with increased purchasing power for inventory. She returned for a second $5,000 loan in February 2018 to help with boosting inventory again.

“The process was very fast,” she said. “Osbaldo indicated the documents and I needed when we talked so I knew what I would need to have. With the first loan, the funds were deposited within two days. The second loan was even faster because the information already was there, so we did the whole process was taken care of over the phone.”

Now that Teresa has the inventory she needs to make more sales, she’s focused on the future of her business. Her goal is to expand her sales to wholesale vendors, and she hopes to return to work with us again for working capital when she needs it.

We’re excited to watch Tere’s Nail & Beauty Supply grow and we’re proud to support hardworking Latina entrepreneurs like Teresa.

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