Partner Programs

Our partners all have one thing in common: they all need an alternative lender to work with their small business customers who need a loan, but have difficulty qualifying. That’s where Opportunity Fund can help. We can give your customers the capital they need and give you a way to maintain good relationships with potential customers down the road. Working with us can help your customers build a new life for themselves and their families. And that works for all of us.

Banker Program

Why say “no,” when Opportunity Fund can say, “yes,” for you? Our loans are fast, affordable, easy to get, and transparent to you from submit to close. Working with us can help you maintain your small business relationships, while helping your clients build good credit and graduate to bank financing status.

Commercial Vehicle Dealers and Brokers Program

Take the shortcut to getting more of your commercial vehicle customers on the road. By working with Opportunity Fund, you can offer fast, affordable, easy-to-get financing for your B and C financing prospects. We’ve been helping small business customers like yours get ahead in California for more than 20 years.

Licensed Commercial Brokers Program

We’ve built a 20-year track record of success funding small businesses in California, offering loans that are fast, affordable and easy-to-get. Now we want to help more of your A and B credit customers open their doors.

Trucking Dealer Program

We can help you build relationships and sell more trucks by providing easy-to-get, fast and affordable prime-rate term loans for your B and C credit truckers.  Start getting new customers now.  We’ve been helping small business customers like yours in California for more than 20 years.

Community Partner Program

When more people in your community are working, opening small businesses and creating jobs, the whole community benefits. That’s the best reason for partnering with Opportunity Fund. Today, we’ve built a 20-year track record of success lending to small businesses in California through some of our partner programs. Together, we can help hard working families and small businesses in your community thrive.

ISO Loan Referral Partner Program

Acquire and retain A-paper, prime merchants by offering easy-to-get, fast and affordable small business loans. Prime merchants expect better pricing and terms than merchant cash advance or other expensive options.  Work with us to help you get and keep these customers.

Partner Resources

Visit our Partner DropBox to get access to these sales and marketing resources. All the sales tools you need to support your sales and marketing activities including co-branded collateral templates, Opportunity Fund logos, photography and video libraries and much more.
Partner Dropbox

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