Food trucks have never been hotter, but when it comes to starting a mobile-based business, you have options outside of a grill on wheels. Keep reading to discover ideas and learn how your small business can get rolling.

Food trucks have never been hotter, but when it comes to starting a mobile-based business, you have options outside of a grill on wheels. Keep reading to discover ideas and learn how your small business can get rolling.


Why Consider a Mobile Business?

You’ve probably heard about the food truck boom in America and for good reason: there are estimated three million food trucks in the United States. From taco trucks and hot dogs on wheels to gourmet fusion cuisine, mobile food has only grown in popularity. Why? It is cheaper to start a food truck than to open a physical restaurant, especially in expensive metropolitan areas.

Your brick-and-mortar business can only reach so many customers in your area and even less if you’re an ecommerce business. With so much competition in the market, your small business can stand out if it expands to the mobile business world. Imagine taking your clothing boutique to a flea market,

10 Mobile Ideas For Your Small Business That Isn’t a Food Truck

Food isn’t the only industry that can be put inside a truck. Many years ago, Lava Mae ignited a mobile hospitality trend through their Radical Hospitality™ idea. Lava Mae repurposed old transportation trucks into showers and restrooms for the homeless in San Francisco. This nonprofit saw a need that wasn’t being met and filled it.

Foxy Roxy saw a need for mobile pet grooming and started  their business despite not knowing anything about pet grooming. Now with the help of Opportunity Fund loans, they are rapidly growing and running to keep up with demand for their services.

Here are some ideas for a mobile business that will inspire you to expand your business:

  1. Arts and crafts. Run an art school or art supply store? Take your business to festivals and fairs where you can teach children to make small crafts in your truck. Not every mobile business needs to be an exact copy of your main business.
  2. Florist. Farmer’s markets and street fairs are the perfect opportunity to reach customers who might not otherwise consider buying flowers. Not to mention universities where students are looking for convenient flowers for Valentine’s Day.
  3. Personal Grooming. Nail salons, barber shops, eyelash extensions, makeup, and many other salon services could be great ideas for a traveling business.
  4. Car Wash or Oil Change. We’re sure that some of your clients would love having their car detailed while they’re at work.
  5. Pet grooming. Like Foxy Roxy, your mobile pet business could be very successful. Think of how much demand there is outside pet stores and dog parks.
  6. Clothing boutique. From vintage to haute couture, if you sell clothes you can put them in a truck.
  7. Photo booth. Are you a photographer, party planner, or prop maker? People love selfies, but they love photo booths and Instagrammable scenes even more.
  8. Packaged food. Recently, Vega Protein opened a truck that offered samples and sold full sized products are skateboarding competitions and other fitness opportunities. Just because your small business doesn’t cook, doesn’t mean you can’t still sell your products on-the-go.
  9. Body art. Tattoos, facepaint, and henna are all possible ideas for mobile business.
  10. Book store. Do you own a independent bookstore, zine stand or a publishing business? Fight back against big book chains and take reading on the road.

Get Your Mobile Business Rolling

Check out our blog post on starting a food truck. Even if you aren’t going the food route, the same advice applies.

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