Your Food Truck and the Health Department

While a food truck may be small, it is just as mighty as a brick-and-mortar restaurant when it comes to health inspections. Some people think mobile food businesses are unsanitary, so keeping up with local health codes is vital. Keep reading to get familiar with the best way to prepare for health inspections.

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Success Story: Clear Pro – Lance Pugh

Lance started his own business after years working in the protective auto coating trade as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. Clear Pro has grown into a thriving business with two Inland Empire locations. A small business loan from Opportunity Fund helped Clear Pro get their second location ready for business.

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5 Free California-Based Resource Centers for Spanish Speaking Small Business Owners

Access to small business resources and advice can make a major difference for your business. The key to getting started on the right path is knowing where to look for the tools and help you need. Spanish speaking small business owners have options among several organizations around California that provide tailor-made services and all are free to join. 

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