Why Opportunity Fund

We believe everyone deserves the chance to succeed. That’s why, at Opportunity Fund, we invest in small business owners who don’t have access to traditional financial resources. They put the capital and financial advice we provide to good use, changing their lives for the better and strengthening their communities. This combination of entrepreneurship and financial stability are the pillars of our award-winning, innovative strategy proving over and over again that people can do great things, just given the chance.

Opportunity Fund invests in small businesses that have been shut out of the financial mainstream. As a founding member and signatory to the Small Business Borrower’s Bill of Rights, we believe in the important role small businesses play in our communities and the economy. Our mission is to help them succeed. Opportunity Fund is backed by investors including Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Knight Foundation and the Calvert Foundation. We are one of the largest non-profit lenders to small businesses in the country.  In fiscal year 2017, we made over $92.5M in loans to help more than 2,900 small business owners invest in their businesses.

Lending Club Partnership

Opportunity Fund and Lending Club is a powerful partnership for underserved small businesses. Want to grow an economy? Give entrepreneurs access to capital so they can create jobs, strengthen their communities, and create economic upward mobility for small businesses. In other words, put Lending Club and Opportunity Fund to work funneling loans for working capital to the people who really need it. That’s what our partnership is about.

In expanding our presence beyond California to 12 more states, Opportunity Fund intends to provide up to $10 million in loans to small businesses across all new states helping an estimated 400 businesses create more than 1,000 jobs.*  Our goal is to reach more underserved businesses by integrating technology and community- based lending to provide a seamless customer experience that provides funding quickly to borrowers who currently aren’t being served by big banks or other financial institutions. With access to affordable working capital, as well as expert advice and support, we can make dreams of a better life come true for thousands of small business owners.

* The states are: Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.

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