The bank said, "We weren’t
big enough for a loan."

"Opportunity Fund
helped us
double our size."

Click to see how Maurice, of Mosaic Transportation in Redwood City, California got started with a $15,000 Vehicle Loan.

The bank said,
"Another restaurant?"

"Opportunity Fund
wanted seconds."

Click to see how Lana and Dave, owners of Outerlands Café in San Francisco, California got going with a $100,000 loan.


"Opportunity Fund said,
yes, we love dogs."

Click to see how Ana, owner of Paco Collars in Berkeley, California got going with a $1,000 Easy Pay Loan.

"The bank asked about
paying off my merchant
cash advance."

“Opportunity Fund said,
we love women
owned businesses."

Click to see how Olivia, owner of Salt & Honey in Berkeley, California got started with a $15,000 loan.

The bank wasn’t
interested in the mobile
food vending industry.”

"Opportunity Fund
said, how about a
better dough mixer?"

Click to see how Emilia, owner of La Placita Commercial Kitchen in Oakland, California got cooking with a $10,000 loan.

At Opportunity Fund we invest in small business owners because we believe you deserve the chance to succeed. We specialize in making loans to businesses like yours whose needs don’t match the requirements of traditional lenders. Click the Get Started link above or call us at 866-299-8173. Because at Opportunity Fund, we’re ready to believe in you.


September 2016 Opportunity Fund…Working Capital for Working People

December 2015. Opportunity Fund and Charles Schwab Bank Close on $10M in new financing to Small Business Loans in California.

Opportunity Fund. Working Capital for Working People.